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Athena Parthenos of Heroes, or Minerva Tinia Uni, or Operation Mykene is a Dream Guide, specifically one that is available to Kazuki Kamata. She is the daughter of Zeus, the mythological god of sky and thunder, and Metis, the (equally mythological) titaness of wisdom and thought. In traditional mythology, she herself is the goddess of wisdom, courage, warfare, and the arts, among other things. However, as Kazuki's knowledge of actual mythology is poor or non-existent, many details that are true in the ancient Greek/Roman narratives are untrue or irrelevant in-game.


This section is slated for a severe revamp. Expect much of this content to be removed.
Section Sidetrack!
The focus of this section is not strictly the same as the namesake of this article due to a design choice. Information here summarizes Greek mythology according to Project Exist.

When it comes to Greek mythology, Kazuki gets some aspects right, but the majority of them wrong. This is mostly because his brain invented many details on the spot, as he was not at all versed in Greek mythology.

The Rise and Fall of Cronus

Ignoring their lineage, the titans are basically Greek gods, albeit with height to the order of scores of miles. (While some gods can shapeshift, none can do so in a manner that increases their mass or volume.) Both Uranus of the Sky and Gaia of the Earth were born from nothingness. Uranus came down to lay with Gaia once a month, but each child born to Uranus was imprisoned within Tartarus. On the thirteenth month, Cronus of Time, the youngest of the original twelve, managed to strangle and bind Uranus. Uranus was imprisoned in Tartarus, and Cronus made Rhea of Contracts his consort. While Cronus had freed his siblings (Rhea being one of them), he ignored the Cyclopes, dragons, and demons, all of whom had helped to subdue Uranus. He did this out of laziness.

Upon returning, Gaia saw what Cronus had done and failed to do, and said that while Cronus would rule the Earth, he would eventually be overthrown by a son of his own. Cronus initially intended to never have a child, but he found it impossible to keep himself from Rhea's allure. To work around this problem, Cronus consumed each child Rhea produced, until the sixth: Zeus of Heaven. Instead of Zeus, Rhea presented Cronus with a meteorite wrapped in cloth. None the wiser, Cronus ate the meteorite, and therefore had indigestion for many years; the next 144 of Rhea's children never entered Cronus's stomach. Zeus was raised on Earth, and eventually returned to Olympus to subdue Cronus. The course of battle caused Cronus to vomit his still-alive children out of his stomach, and Zeus brought Cronus down to Tartarus. Zeus freed the Cyclopes, and they made multiple weapons for the new generation of gods.

The Creation of Metis

With the fall of Cronus (who also served as the leader of the titans), Zeus was left to divide the world. He took the heavens, gave the oceans to Poseiden, and the underworld (which included Tartarus) to Hades. Gaia was allowed to keep the earth, as Cronus was the only titan that was banished (and Gaia was far too massive to force out). All was well until Hera of Matrimony sent a woman to Tartarus simply because Zeus had looked at her.

The woman, Metis, had done nothing wrong. Cronus and Uranus, still in Tartarus, asked Metis if she wanted to leave. Upon saying yes, Cronus pinned Metis to the ground, and Uranus wove the essences of Tartarus's citizens within her: Cyclopes, dragons, demons, the second hydra, a chimera, and so on. Metis's body twisted and swelled; through the use of a willing vessel, an artificial titan was created.

Metis of Domination, while a willing vessel, had become corrupted as a result of the weaving and became hostile, setting about consuming everything in Tartarus, Cronus and Uranus included. She broke out of Tartarus, making her the first and only being to do so. In order to put Metis back into Tartarus, Gaia made the land a part of her to gain strength.


In the midst of the fight, Zeus hurled a lightning bolt at Metis. The bolt bounced off of Metis and, now corrupted, entered Gaia's body. This bolt, carrying the essences of both Metis and Zeus, would eventually grow into Athena.

One day, Athena crawled out of a fissure in the earth. Zeus was quick to send Pegasus to pick her up and bring her to Olympus, where she received the Aegis and learned of her awkward lineage. She chose to be the goddess of Heroes.


  • Parthenos refers to the fact that Athena is a virgin.
  • Minerva is Athena's Roman name. Tinia and Uni were both Etruscan gods that would later surrender parts of their domain to Athena.
  • Operation Mykene is an extension of Project Exist, and refers to the fact that Lawrence wants to make Athena into a titan that could overpower Metis several times over.


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Naruto (?)

Athena is both stoic and protective; there is nothing Kazuki can do to change this. She is outgoing, but restrains herself for the sake of whatever she feels has to be done, which explains why she is more talkative when there is absolutely nothing to do.

Physical Appearance

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Powers and Abilities

→ Main article: Aegis

As the patron of warfare, Athena as adept with nearly weapon imaginable.

Design Notes

The design of Athena came from the need to emphasize Kazuki's flaw, or at least the need for one. Kazuki speaks as though he knows everything or at least confident enough in his deduction skills, but he does not.