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Diarmad "Zero-day Cannon" Bochanon is the first Dream Guide successfully "stolen" through Project Exist, although because he was made into a Dream Guide without fame, publicly-known recorded history or death, this is a technicality. In life, he was a highly skilled assassin working for the CIA, strictly versed in poisons, modern firearms, nontraditional martial arts, and bladed weaponry.

Due to this, he is not available to any playable character as a Dream Guide, and serves as a minor antagonist in opposition to Kazuki.


Diarmad is of Scottish descent, although he was born and raised in America specifically to be an assassin for the CIA. He was trained by his father (himself a CIA operative) at home in English and the aforementioned skills. In his free time, Diarmad listened to whatever music CD's were in the house, generally tending towards the post-punk genre. On Diarmad's 17th birthday, his father was lost in action. Upon hearing the news, his mother promptly went insane and was taken to a government asylum. Diarmad chose to secede from the family, but this meant little due to his affiliation with the CIA. Diarmad would be used in operations (in the place of his father) over the coming years. Diarmad quickly became known as "Zero-day Cannon" in the underworld for his unconventionally loud-but-effective methods of quickly getting to his targets (in one case actually using an 18th-century cannon in order to "bypass" the security of a pharmacy, completing the assassination in less than 3 hours from its assignment).

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Eventually, an operation would take Diarmad to a drug dealer operating within the Sacramento area. Lawrence Wright had been intending to capture humans pre-trained in various fields, and falsified all information regarding the drug dealer. As such, not only was the operation a failure (as there was no drug dealer to apprehend), but Lawrence conducted experiments on each of the humans, effectively trapping them in their own dream worlds for a full year. Diarmad Bochanan, due to his complacence, was the only one to survive, and effectively was transformed into a Dream Guide by the experience.


Diarmad chooses to be oblivious to his environment unless it is relevant to his given task. Due to his unwillingness to interact with said environment, most of his personality traits are not seen. However, he is extremely prideful, and regardless of who is harmed, will do whatever it takes to complete the task quickly.

His personality is otherwise flat and static. He doesn't express anger nor happiness; he is relatively emotionless.

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Diarmad's attire generally depends on his current assignment, but it generally tends to be the combination of a somewhat casual suit and earbuds playing music from an iSing.

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