Jonathan Gravano

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Jonathan Gravano










The Lackey



Voiced By

No one

Drawn By

—???, Kazuki Kamata

Jonathan Gravano is the son of an extremely wealthy Italian businessman, and his mother is stay-at-home. He transferred to Kazuki's high school when he (and Kazuki) were both 16 and in their Junior years. Initially, Jonathan and Kazuki were extremely distant; the loud, outgoing, and buff Italian never seemed to be a good fit for your shy personality, but at some point, the two realized that they could gain from each other. Kazuki was studious, and Jonathan's living circumstances were relatively lavish. So, Jonathan would share a meal with Kazuki, and Kazuki would Jonathan prepare for whatever test.

At some point, it clicked that the two of them had characteristics in common asides from species and hair color. They both enjoyed a good board game, despised the public education system, and were both social misfits. How their friendship continues is left to the player.

As far as Rin is concerned, Jonathan shares no classes with her, and in fact, he is completely unaware of her existence. Whether that changes is left for the story to explain.