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Most people do most things for a reason, and with a plan. I fail to fall in that category.
—Episode 3, Katherine Faust

Katherine "Rin" Faust is a German student of sorts, and natural transeer. She was abandoned at the age of 2, although she did not remember exactly when or why she was abandoned; she only knows what her foster parents have told her. She was home-schooled from age 12 to 14, at which point she ran away from home. (She returned when she turned 15.) Unlike Kazuki Kamata, Rin receives absolutely no instruction in transeeing. The combination of her childish imagination and curiosity provides an explanation for her unrealistic (but functioning) dream worlds.

She is most significant as an antagonist in opposition to Kazuki, although she is also a playable character.


Rin was born in Michelstadt, Germany. Her exact birth date is unknown, but reckoned to be around December, 1994. Sometime after her birth, and immediately after the 1995 Review and Extension Conference of the Parties to the Non-Proliferation of the Nuclear Weapons (fourth session), Rin was found in the parking lot of the United Nations Headquarters in New York. She was handed over to the authorities. The local police department intended to give her to the local orphanage, but the orphanage denied the request, using "we are full" as justification. Rin was meant to be shipped by train to a small orphanage in San Francisco, but due to a communication error, Rin was abandoned at a BART train station with her blanket and a photograph of her parents.

An anonymous BART customer half-saved her life. Knowing that a bustling area would be hazardous for the infant, this individual took Rin off of the bench she was on, and took her to a small Sacramento neighborhood. Unfortunately, this customer felt unable to care for Rin, and left her on the doorstep of her neighbor, who took care of her for four years. This eventually became impractical, and so Rin was tethered to the mailbox of a "neighbor" on the other side of town with a dog leash.

The house was, as it happened, being squatted on by a small group of orphans. Of the group, Ariadne Lamb was the only child to have been abandoned - the other children were runaways. When Ariadne turned 18, Rin was about to turn 12. With illegal papers in hand, Ariadne smuggled Rin into a small apartment to raise her - as two girls that were both abandoned, Ariadne felt something of an affinity with Rin. She also found a junior high school for Rin to attend. As it turned out, Rin was relatively easy to raise as an infant. She never cried and did not eat much. When she turned 5, she began attending the local elementary school, and while she never spoke with the other students, she fit in otherwise. However, when she turned 8, she felt that the past is worth remembering but not worth holding onto, and burned the photograph and blanket in the fireplace. A bit ironically, she also burned her right arm, and can't help but keep the blanket's ashes in her back pocket. Ariadne asked how Rin got the burn. Rin explained her stance and what happened; Ariadne simply told Rin to stay away from the fireplace; there was nothing else for her to do.

When Rin finally did turn 12, she discovered that she could control absolutely every aspect of her dream, even to the point of bringing items in and out of the dream world at will. This leads to Rin keeping more to herself, but again, being otherwise no different from the other children. However, "disturbances" that continued to occur around her resulted in her being ejected from the junior high school, and she was home-schooled from 12 to 14.

In the present day, Rin is still living with Ariadne, and Rin is now in high school. Ariadne is strained for cash, but is nowhere near her wit's end, still happy to care for Rin. Unfortunately, and unbeknownst to Ariadne, Rin holds nearly no value in human relationships, her mother included. Rin only views Ariadne as a source of sustenance, which she could easily get from somewhere else (even if this means resorting to cannibalism). Emphasis on "nearly no value" is in order, however. Rin is grateful that Ariadne has made living somewhat easy, but she is absolutely unwilling to express this. Nor is she willing to take this into account with any of her large-scale schemes - in other words, if Rin had decided to destroy the entire city, Ariadne wouldn't be spared. You pick up her story in the middle of a high school class, toying with a new idea...


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Rin is a sadist in a very indirect sense. She gains pleasure from the pain of others, regardless of the cause of the pain. Similarly, Rin isn't interested in the suffering itself, but the different ways in which each person deals with pain. That definitely is not to say that she is beyond causing the pain herself. Asides from this, Rin shifts her behavior to suit the needs of the immediate situation, to the point of being erratic. This may mean acting lost (a la puppy dog eyes) when she needs information, then shifting to angry and loud if she is unable to get it. In this way, her personality is only consistent in that it is self-centered.

Physical Appearance

Rin is a small and thin girl, with short blond hair. However, as a high-level Transeer, she may manipulate her body's structure and appearance in accordance to her desires.

In-game Data

Powers and Abilities

There is very little that Rin is actually incapable of. For all intents and purposes, she is only limited by what she does not want to do. That aside, her ability to remotely channel or reverse-channel human beings is likely the most notable ability Rin abuses.

Design Notes

Early on in the design process, it was decided that it would be beneficial for there to be a second playable character, and to provide contrast to Kazuki Kamata, this second character should be both female and without romance options. Hence, Rin is a young villain with fewer branching points than Kazuki.