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Nightmares prove that all humans fear. The question though, is if there is a human that fears nothing on Earth. I am that human.
—Episode 3, Kazuki Kamata

Kazuki Kamata is a haunted Japanese-born college student and natural transeer. He has been a student at San Francisco Community College for two quarters, although one of those quarters was for an accelerated physics class during a summer session, and therefore not part of the standard school year. He is not a natural-born transeer, and his transeescence level varies throughout the game, although it is intended that it varies towards the higher.

He is most significant as a playable character. He is not modeled after a real life human.


Kazuki is the only child of two Japanese members of the working class, and was born in Kyoto, Japan. Kazuki's mother, Masami Arai, had been told that there were complications regarding her placenta and that a Caesarean section was necessary. She agreed, but the operation was not properly performed, and while Kazuki himself survived the delivery, his mother died within the week of internal bleeding.

Kazuki's father, Susumu Kamata, as a result, was left in the proverbial darkness of regret and loneliness, which is understandable from a public perspective: losing the love of your life, half of the family income, and gaining another mouth to feed is no small change by any standard. In an attempt to escape his own memories, and in hopes of giving the rest of the family a better life, he takes Kazuki and moves to America not one month after the birth of the boy. Specifically, he rented out a small apartment in San Francisco, California. But as any psychologist would say, a change of scenery cannot coerce a change of the mind.

18 years after the move, Kazuki's father has effectively given up on life, leaving Kazuki to live off of the free lunches at primary and secondary schools. Kazuki wasn't a loner, but he didn't have close friends either. Sometime at the start of his high school life, Kazuki picked up a job at the local machine shop. This job, by some miracle, has been paying for Susumu's bar tab, and Kazuki's living expenses, and for Kazuki's student loan. Shortly after starting this job, Kazuki met Jonathan Gravano and the two became companions nearly instantly. Jonathan realized that Kazuki was willing to help him with his academic studies. Along the same lines, Kazuki realized that Jonathan's family was well-off, and willing to occasionally house a good friend.

At the start of the game's storyline however, the income and stability of your job are both beginning to wane as the world further modernizes, embracing the mail-ordering and throwaway mentality. Even through these hardships, you understand that you are fortunate to be able to get by, and maintain a positive (albeit dry) outlook on most aspects of life.

Shortly afterwards, Kazuki begins to notice that, in the mornings, he is accumulating marks and bruises on your body during the night - marks that could not have been caused simply by rolling around in bed. Kazuki soon learns that he is a transeer, and the rest of Kazuki's story is left to the player to decide.


Physical Attributes/Psyche


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73 Inches


76.5 Inches




140 Pounds





"Art Style"

Attack on Titan-esque

Kazuki, as a playable character, has to have a variable personality by design. Initially, his internal dialogue is meant to come off as overly formal but still "cool" (even snarky at times) and boisterous, at least in comparison to the average college student. He controls the environment passively this way. This rarely manifests in his external dialogue - he maintains both formality and reservedness.

Part of this behaviour is a by-product of his upbringing although his behavior is also something of an act; formality means both efficiency and better appearance. Efficiency means more time to save money, and a better appearance compounds this effect as his superiors think better of him.

That isn't to say that he is not fun-loving, but he does prefer that recreation is both entertaining and skill-building. While with close friends, he becomes far more relaxed (and his internal dialogue changes to reflect this as well). His personality can vary more to the lax and happy-go-lucky side; the trick is allowing the player to become Kazuki, and act in a way that would suit the "new" Kazuki.

Physical Apperance

At the start of the game, Kazuki is lanky, but handsome by anyone's standards. His body is awkwardly thin; it is not grotesque, however. His fairly long, black hair is never combed, and his bangs are normally covering his right eye. Although his hairstyle may change after the common route, it cannot change during it. He prefers light and casual clothing, such as a t-shirt and a pair of athletic shorts - even during the winter.

In-game Data

Powers and Abilities

Kazuki's powers and abilities are more variable than other characters, as he is a main and playable character. His storyline presents channeling (mainly physical objects) repeatedly as a branching option, and more often than not with positive implications. Channeling (along with reverse-channeling) is intended to be one of Kazuki's strongest gifts.

Despite this, Kazuki is an unreliable narrator, and (subconsciously) slightly warps the appearance of events to suit his needs.

Design Notes

Project Exist is something of a cross between a visual novel and a role play game. Certain other role play games ensure that the main character or his party is able to over nearly any other character, or at least the average ones. Kazuki was specifically designed to depend on other characters.