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Fair doesn't mean that everyone gets the same thing. What it means is that the rules and standards are followed and obeyed. I am not fair.
—Episode 1, Lawrence Wright

Professor Lawrence Henry Wright is an English theoretical physicist, college professor, and transeer. He has been serving on the San Francisco Community College faculty for two years as a physics instructor for freshman courses. As a physicist, Lawrence is able to create more intricate and correct dream worlds for his transeer level than anyone else, while maintaining a higher level of efficiency. In other words, because he has a better idea of how the world works, he "makes up" less stuff and creates what he "knows" instead. (The transeescence) page provides more information.)

He plans with what Kazuki Kamata would describe as a "horrifying yet comfortable speed and correctness"; he will frequently pass off well thought-out plans as mere suggestions, despite the design of said suggestion. An example is in the below spoiler.

He is most significant as a possible mentor during Kazuki's storyline, and as one of the possible antagonists during Rin's storyline. He is not modeled after a real life human.


Professor Lawrence is the second son of Aaron Wright and Caroline Blythe. Both Lawrence and his older brother, Dean Wright, were neglected as children. Lawrence didn't care, as he mainly kept to himself by choice. Much of his childhood was spent doing one of two things: reading textbooks of various subjects, cooking or dreaming. As a result of his studies, he often found himself bored in the classroom, and spent much of his classroom time reading textbooks as well. Forging his father's signature, he applied to skip the fifth and sixth grades. Lawrence passed the required tests without any faults. At the start of seventh grade, Lawrence discovered a quantum mechanics textbook. Lawrence immediately dropped out of junior high school to focus on studying physics. On Lawrence's fourteenth birthday, he enrolled in San Francisco Community College, and fulfilled the prerequisites solely through AP exams. Lawrence finished his physics doctorate in five years, and earned his teaching credential in two years.

Shortly after earning his teaching credential, Professor Lawrence realized that his control over his dreams was stronger than he had thought, and began using his dream worlds as physics laboratories. Eventually, through a bit of correspondence between himself and Reumont, Professor Lawrence learns that he is a natural transeer. Reumont was actually hoping to enlist Professor Lawrence within his institution, but found that Professor Lawrence was unwilling.

As a professor that has only been in the system and teaching for three years, Professor Lawrence is not tenured, but is nonetheless well-known and respected amongst the other faculty due to his charisma, knowledge, and youth.


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Death Note-esque

Professor Lawrence plans in accordance to what he wants (or what would amuse him), but not regardless of the consequences. It would be more appropriate to say that he always confident in his ability to nullify any significant consequences. He normally isn't selfish; he firmly believes, generally speaking, that he is acting in the majority's best interests. For instance, he manipulates Cyrus Haywood into changing the time for a cross country practice so that a physics faculty meeting can include Kazuki. He does this for the betterment of the physics facility, and not to do a favor for Kazuki or make his own job easier.

He sees the world as a multidimensional game of chess: by moving one piece he controls, he can force another piece to move according to his desires. Due to his secondary motivation being amusement, and his view of the world, he also serves as a parallel to Katherine Faust. In short, he is a happy-go-lucky yet "I do what I want" type of person; he is helpful but selfish.

Physical Appearance

Professor Lawrence is tall and well-muscled, but average in terms of looks - almost goofy-looking. His blond hair is always well combed. Despite it being ill-fitting or a physics professor, Lawrence nearly always wears a white laboratory coat.

In-game Data

Powers and Abilities

Initially, Professor Lawrence seems to be extremely proficient in the art of archospiring, or working outside of his knowledge of the universe when creating objects in dreams. In reality, his knowledge of the universe is simply vast. In reference to the lightsaber example on the transeescence page, Lawrence's solution would be to build a nuclear battery and place it in the hilt of the device as an energy source. The device itself would generate gamma-ray bursts to move a shaped (and relatively weak) white hole through space, thus repelling most forms of matter. Lawrence is capable of creating full and fantastical dream worlds through similar thought processes.

In comparison to other transeers sharing his level, Lawrence is particularly good at wracking. When facing an enemy in combat, Professor Lawrence's prefers to use his fists, and has had training in multiple types of martial arts.


Design Notes

Professor Lawrence is meant to be one of the more dependable characters, in terms of who is available to help Kazuki through his life. There is virtually no point to having a useless sidekick, but Professor Lawrence is meant to act as a guide until he feels that it is no longer appropriate to do so.