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The problem with winning is this: someone must have lost.
—Episode 1, Robert Hale

Robert Johansen Hale is the long-time owner of Robert and Son's Mechanisms. His family has been part of the city ever since the California Gold Rush. He lost custody of his son when he was divorced on grounds of emotional abuse and child neglect, but he maintained the name of his business in order to avoid the paperwork. He received his Associate Degree in Car Mechanics while at San Francisco Community College. While Robert has no actual family left, he treats Kazuki as a son, and his customers like siblings.


The Hales originally moved to America from British America, similar to any other pilgrim family consisting of members from the Brownist English Dissenters. According to Kazuki Kamata, Robert has been working the small Sacramento shop "for as long as anyone can remember, which is of course, not very long at all", and according to the Hale family books, The Hales have been in California ever since "that goddamn yellow dusted metal hit the dirty-green streams of this hellish state". But that does extend fairly far back in that Robert Hale is actually named after his father. In any case, the rest of the Hale family books were completely blank; the remainder of said history was passed down orally.

Technically, the California Gold Rush which brought the Hale family to Sacramento began in January of 1848. Unlike other 49'ers, the Hales were not intending to make any sort of money. They simply wanted to move with their friends. Their friends, being more monetarily-minded, did deeds that they were not precisely proud of, including stealing supplies from each other. One thing led to another, and eventually the Hales left the group caravan. Shortly thereafter, the Hales opened up a repair shop for trail wagons. The present-day Robert and Son's Mechanisms was built on top of this store to repair Ford Model T's in 1908, which was the exact same year in which the Ford Model T was released in the first place. Since then, Robert and Son's Mechanisms has always been equipped for every vehicle on the market.

Starting with the Baby Boomer generation, the Hales became more ambitious and less traditional. In other words, they began marrying for money instead of for love. Which was problematic, since that's what everyone married for at the time. In this case, Rebecca Hale (the woman Robert Hale married) made the first move and hired the better lawyers, which of course, meant that Robert Hale lost the lawsuit. The lawsuit, of course, was based on lies (as Robert Hale was, by all accounts, a loving father). But that unfortunately did not help in court.

For a long time, Robert had no relationships at all, but then Kazuki Kamata began to work for him. This relationship didn't mean so much to Kazuki, but it meant a lot to Robert...


Despite Robert Hale's problems and experiences, Robert has always been kind to the loyal and disloyal. Other than that, Robert Hale is a fairly flat character.

Physical Appearance

Age has not treated Robert well. His blue eyes and blonde hair both have turned gray.

In-game Data

Powers and Abilities

All Robert is really good at is machine work. While that does extend to other machines (such as computers), he is no combatant, nor a transeer.

Design Notes

Kazuki's main problem is the lack of a real father figure; Lawrence Wright really doesn't do enough. Robert fills in that gap.