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The Shadow
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I am a part of you. It is that simple... One can have multiple consciences.
—Episode 0, The Shadow

The Shadow was originally the manifestation of darkness within Kazuki Kamata. However, it later absorbs the shadow within Katherine Faust.

Specifically, the shadow represents Kazuki's impure desires - the ones that Transeers need to ignore during their work.


In terms of the story's timeline, The Shadow is a relatively new development within Kazuki. Kazuki's "nightmares" had only begun with the turn of the school year.

As a manifested being within Kazuki himself, The Shadow doesn't have any other significant history. Along those same lines however, The Shadow also does not directly exist outside of Kazuki. This means that The Shadow's main goal is to in a sense, take over Kazuki's body without him being fully aware of it. Transeescence aside, The Shadow's power is mostly limited by Kazuki's own moral compass.


Unlike most shadows, Kazuki's is able to generate its own motivations. In other words, it is able to strive towards something that a more-corrupt Kazuki would want, rather than what Kazuki does want and is depriving himself of. For instance, despite the fact that Kazuki initially exhibits a complete lack of libido during the first half of his story, his shadow craves the bodies of nearly every female it comes across.

Asides from this, Kazuki's shadow is more impersonal and indifferent than anything else. He tends to act with condescension and speaks matter-of-factly. Most of The Shadow's secondary actions (among other things, this includes internal dialogue) strive towards his primary goal, to take over Kazuki's body. With these actions, The Shadow acts with desperation and fear - the only thing it fears is death itself, because The Shadow embodies darkness. It has no fond memories or sense of honor or love - the memories it does have of these characteristics do not belong to him. It only feels the inhuman need to survive, for the only void darker than itself is that of non-existence.

If Kazuki's actions were to lead to his own death, his soul technically has a place to go, one way or another. The Shadow, however, while sentient and powerful, is not a "soul" of any kind (nor is it a being by itself), and therefore would simply stop existing. That terrifies him.

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Kazuki's shadow is interesting not because it has interesting character traits - one could argue that it doesn't - but because it is the most powerful foil a designer could hope to give to Kazuki, and additionally serves as a foil for Katherine, her shadow, and Professor Lawrence. Additionally, the manners in which it chooses to serve as both a mentor and inhibitor are carefully selected to allow for Kazuki's character development, in spite of the fact that The Shadow itself shows nearly no development.