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Transeescence (\tran-sē-sen(t)s\), as in-game, is defined as the following:

  • transeescence, n. The ability for a dream to affect reality (or the process of a dream affecting reality), regardless of whether objects within reality enter the dream, or whether objects within the dream enter reality.
  • to transee, v. To enter a dream-state in which the altering of reality is possible.
  • transewn, adj. An object that was created through the transeeing process.
  • transeer, n. A person who transees, or creates transewn objects.

The world is built from the Latin prefix "trans" ('across', or 'beyond') and suffix "escence" ('beginning to be', or 'characterized by'), referring to people or objects that become somewhat separate from our own reality.

The basic idea is that a dreamer's body is affected by his dreams, and that reality is also affected by the dreams. The extent to which this is possible is dependent on the transeer's practice or lack thereof.

In-game, the ability itself is divided into levels.

For simplicity's sake, only this raw definition is meant to be on this page. The rest of the idea is meant to be introduced slowly to the player. Complete data is on the "Complex" page, but it is not recommended that a player read through it; reading it in a single sitting is even more discouraged.